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Everything under one roof

The right collaborations yield fantastic ideas. Together with the Chinese factory JJ and Dutch firm Dejatech, Ohron Industries is your all-in-one partner. Our knowledge goes further. Our quality goes further. Our service goes further.

Everything under one roof

Ohron Industries, JJ and Dejatech

Ohron Industries is a full-service provider for the European industrial sector, but we do not work alone. Ohron Industries has two key partners. For efficient and high-quality production, we have a Chinese partner, JJ. The quality standards applied in the factory enable us to guarantee top-quality products.

Our partner Dejatech specialises in innovative solutions for the central heating industry and other sectors. We are no stranger to comments like “I want to enter the boiler market tomorrow”. Along with Dejatech and JJ, we devise a plan and ensure that your ambitions become reality.

As a supplier of high-quality casting solutions, Ohron Industries operates in different markets.

These include the heating, sustainable energy, medical, automotive, mechanical engineering, construction and defence industries.

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