Dejatech innovation

The developments and possibilities of tomorrow

Our partner Dejatech eats, sleeps and breathes innovation. Dejatech is a trendsetting development company operating in the dynamic and ever-changing heating sector. Dejatech has been active in innovation since 1970, but we still keep ourselves ‘fresh and young’ by working to develop the sustainable technology of the future. Innovation is our core business. It is part of who we are.

The developments and possibilities of tomorrow

A global player

As an independent development firm in the heating industry, we are a global player. We serve as a development partner for renowned international manufacturers and other companies. Not only do we devise new concepts and products, we are also called upon to improve a variety of existing processes, systems and products. In addition to aluminium heat exchangers and central heating components, we also develop distinctive and sustainable products such as hybrid and cogeneration systems. Moreover, we can supply complete appliances under private labels as well.

With numerous patents under our belt, Dejatech technology can be found in almost every European boiler. For instance, the aluminium condensing heat exchanger was a Dejatech invention. If you have any questions about the development of a new aluminium heat exchanger or even a complete condensing boiler, our experienced R&D team will be happy to help!

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